Poll: The Coolest Kids in College are ?
2nd year
3rd Year
4th Year
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Which One is the Coolest Batch in NIU ?
Who do you think are the coolest kids in college  Rolleyes  Shy  Big Grin  Idea Cannot be sure ahan ?

I am starting a Poll here , Take the Poll , Lets see who are the coolest groups in college
You Don't Need a poll for that , obviously its the 3rd year guys
well wait till other people join this :p
[Image: animeghoul.jpg]
3 people registered and 3 votes for the 3rd year :p i guess we're winning by a hundred percent chance here :p
There is hardly anyone online at 6 in the morning , and nobody knows about this website. Someone just facebooked me today.
When people will know , surely 3rd year is getting a lot of competition from the final year guys
[Image: animeghoul.jpg]
wew ! whats goin on here , where did you guys come from ? i created this site like 1 hour ago hehe. I wasn't actually expecting people so soon
i dont know i saw it on my facebook and came
[Image: animeghoul.jpg]
NeverMind Welcome !

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